Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones Review


The design of the PowerBeats Pro is very well done. It has a very sleek sporty look to it that works well in and outside the gym. Each earbud has a center playback control button and a volume rocker which allows you to control your music from either hand. This is a very nice feature to have.

The PowerBeats Pro is, without doubt, one of the most comfortable wireless earphones that we have tested. It fits very well in and around your ear and does not cause the ear soreness that some earphones tend to cause after a few hours of wearing them. The pro also feels great when you’re actually listening to music. There is kind of an unsettling pressure with a lot of wireless headphones while listening to music, this just does not seem to exist the PowerBeats. The earphones come with four different ear tip options that it guarantees an excellent fit with anyone.

The only downside is that the Powerbeats Pro’s design causes them to stick out of the ear a little bit. If you like to wear headphones to bed or when you’re taking a nap on the couch then these might not be the most comfortable for you. Another downside with the Powerbeats is that the case is very big, it just does not feel comfortable in the pocket at all. The best place to keep the case is basically in your bag.

The battery life is actually quite good and with testing, we agree with the 9 hours run time capability. The case itself also holds about 2.5 charges worth in it on a full charge. The PowerBeats Pro does not have wireless charging but that’s ok, not having wireless charging isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. The Pro’s require a standard lightning cable to charge.


The Powerbeats Pro setup very easily with other Apple devices. With an iOS device, all you have to do pair is open the case near it and with just a couple touches the devices are connected. That simple. These earphones work with android and windows 10 devices as well. All you do to pair with android is hold the pairing button inside the Powerbeats charging case and then select the Powerbeats Pro on your device. Sound quality stays true between android and iOS devices.


How do they sound while actively moving? They actually sound great, whether you are working out at the gym or outside the gym they really do keep a consistent sound. The bass is a little tuned down on these earphones but the way they have set it up and makes for a nice smoothness. You do not get the ability to alter the sound at all, so no controlling the mids when your watching entertainment. This isn’t a deal-breaker though since they way they are tuned sounds pretty good over most content. The one issue that we had with the Powerbeats Pro is that it does not offer noise-cancellation and they don’t really do a good job at blocking unwanted outside noises. Depending on your preference that could be a major issue with these earphones. The Pros are not water-proof, they can handle a little bit of splash or sweat but definitely don’t let them get fully submerged in any water. These earphones really do shine the most in close to quiet surroundings, such as your home, office, or gym.


The MSRP of the PwerBeats Pro will cost $249 and they are available in 4 colors – Black, Moss, Ivory, and Navy – These all come with a matching charging case. Compared to the Apple AirPods or the Powerbeats 3 the Powerbeats Pro definitely has a higher price tag. With the higher price tag, you do get a much-improved design, better sound quality, and of course the new H1 Chip.


The design, comfort, and sound quality are definitely the shining features of the Powerbeats Pro. They do not have noise-canceling like a lot of wireless earbuds and they are not water-proof. They are definitely Apple’s best sporty earbuds currently. If you are an Apple fan and love to be active either in the gym or outside then these are a great option for you.

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